Shyamchand Mayengbam, Assistant Professor

Memorial University

Dr. Mayengbam is an Assistant Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry at Memorial University. He has a broad background in food and nutritional sciences, with specific training and expertise in metabolomics and gut microbiome. His research is focused on unravelling the roles of B-vitamins on gut microbiota and their metabolites and how they regulate host metabolic processes. He is also interested in investigating the effect of dietary nutrients on the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, such as obesity and related disorders. As a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Calgary, he investigated mechanistic insights of B-vitamins, dietary fibres, and a ketogenic diet in mitigating chronic diseases using animal models and human clinical trials. He received his Ph.D. in Food and Nutritional Sciences from the University of Manitoba. Dr. Mayengbam’s research overarches in deciphering novel functions of various dietary nutrients on human health and disease.

B-vitamins, One-carbon metabolism, and gut microbiota

This session will examine how B-vitamins and intermediate metabolites associated with one-carbon metabolism influence gut health. This includes impacts of inadequacies or excess of B-vitamins, choline, betaine, and other methyl donors on gut microbiota, their metabolites, and related intestinal metabolism. It will also explore the effects of early nutritional insults of these one-carbon-linked metabolites and their long-term consequences on human health in the context of nutrient-gut-host interactions.