Roseann Nasser, Research Dietitian

Roseann Nasser MSc RD FDC CNSC is co-chair of the Canadian Malnutrition Task Force. Roseann has participated in a number of research and education activities to prevent, detect and treat malnutrition. Roseann is a leading member of the working group that developed a National Malnutrition Standard for Canadian Hospitals.

How to implement a national malnutrition standard -Applying learnings from other initiatives

The Canadian Malnutrition Task Force, a standing committee of the Canadian Nutrition Society, and the Health Standards Organization (HSO) have developed Canada's First National Prevention, Detection and Treatment Standard. Select criterion of this standard will be reviewed and assessed for becoming a Required Organizational Practice. In the meantime, effective ways to adopt evidence-based approaches are the foundation of the standard are being incorporated in hospitals. This session will review how hospital dietitians can apply their learnings from targeted nutrition care initiatives to implement the new malnutrition standard.

The learning objectives for this session are:

1. Understand the evidence based approaches that form the foundation of the national malnutrition standard.

2. Reflect on the experiences of dietitians on how to implement best practices related to malnutrition care.

3. Apply practical strategies and tools to implement the new malnutrition standard in their setting.