Jessica Kasnik, Registered Dietitian

Cross Cancer Inst.
Alberta Health Services

Jessica is a Registered Dietitian working clinically for over 16 years in both in-patient and outpatient settings. Jessica started her research and career in adolescent eating disorders, receiving a national research award for the clinical practice guidelines she produced in 2005. Over the last 5 years however she has specialized in oncology working with patients with gastrointestinal cancers at the Cross Cancer Inst. in Edmonton, Alberta. While in her current role she has been able to participate in and lead research, advocate and create change in nutrition care for these patients and present at multiple oncology based conferences. Currently Jessica is a co-investigator on a study looking at patients with advanced pancreatic cancer with pancreatic exocrine insufficiency, with a hope of helping to support change in clinical nutrition care for this population of patients. Jessica loves the work she does and has a passion for helping to translate evidenced based clinical nutrition information into actual daily patient care and practice.

Piloting a training program in CT skeletal muscle assessment for Registered Dietitians

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