Lindsey Smith Taillie, Assistant Professor

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Dr. Lindsey Smith Taillie is a nutrition epidemiologist whose work focuses on evaluating food policy efforts in the US and globally, and how these influence disparities in diet and obesity. Her work uses a combination of randomized controlled trials and natural experimental studies using large datasets on food purchases and intake to evaluate and inform food policy to prevent obesity.

Internationally, current projects focus on evaluating sugary beverage taxes, front-of-package warning labels, and marketing restrictions in a number of Latin American countries, including Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and Peru. These projects involve the collection and analysis of data on food purchases and intake as well as data on the food supply, such as product reformulation and food marketing on television and on packages. The goal of these projects is to understand the real-world impact of policies on the food environment, food behavior, and ultimately, health outcomes.

The impact of front-of-package warning labels on the food environment and food behavior: evidence from Chile

Remote speaker / Presenting virtually

This presentation will review the evidence from our evaluation of the first phase of the Chilean law of Food Labeling and Advertising, the world's first policy to implement mandatory front-of-package warning labels on unhealthy food and drinks. We will describe results from our joint work with the University of Chile, including the laws' effects on reformulation in the food supply, changes in junk food advertising on television and on packages, impact on wages and employment, effects on parents' understanding, attitudes, and use of front-of-package labels, and impact on food purchases and dietary intake. We will conclude with implications and recommendations for front-of-package warning label policy design in other countries.